Detecting malignant melanoma

Detecting malignant melanoma

New Zealand and Australia have the world’s highest rates of melanoma, the most severe type of skin cancer. In 2016 AUT Doctor of Philosophy student, Peyman Sabouri presented a thesis, under the supervision of Associate Professor Hamid Gholamhosseini, that identified how innovation in non-invasive diagnostic methods could assist in the early detection of malignant melanoma. This would minimise the need for biopsies. It would also help in remote doctor/patient consultations using computer-aided systems that can be applied for a quantitative and objective evaluation of pigmented skin lesions, to assist the clinical assessment process. This research was well in line with the requirements of GP2U.

GP2U Telehealth uses technology to provide a platform to GPs and Patients to deliver care in more efficient and patient-centric ways. It is a cloud-based service that operates on iOS/Android Apps. The platform enables users to manage all the logistics of referrals, scheduling appointments, secure video-based consultations, remote prescriptions, Medicare billing, and a range of other features. With experience in rural and remote healthcare; founder Dr James Freeman - kickstarted the concept in 2011 and is now a leader in this technology and its application.

Dermatology was an area that presented the most challenging for the GP2U platform. Skin lesions, moles and other skin disorders presented a diagnostic issue due to mobile technology not presenting the surfaces sufficiently. They needed a tool for diagnostics to be more efficient in image processing. GP2U needed a solution, and AUT had it. Researchers Peyman Sabouri and Associate Professor Hamid Gholamhosseini were working on lesion screening algorithms. They had developed an application that could take photos of lesions, process and assess issues, and enable patients to track developments.

AUT Ventures led the licensing negotations.. The entire process took three-months – an astoundingly fast outcome! The project has resulted in a three-way of success; GP2U has access to  a custom-made, research-backed algorithm from a leading Research Institute. Secondly, the AUT researchers licensed their research for the benefit of the public, and AUT Ventures cemented a prosperous and desirable bridge between education and innovation.

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