Our consultants deliver quality solutions that have a lasting beneficial impact, no matter what the industry problem, or innovation challenge. Below is a snapshot of just a few of our consultants who are using their research to solve “real-world” problems, nationally and Internationally.

The AUT Ventures team are committed and passionate about applying AUT innovation and expertise to solve real-world problems. We have a global reputation for building competitive partnerships to achieve solutions. To find out more contact our Business Development Manager, Tom

Professor Rhema Vaithianathan
Social Data Analytics
Predictive Risk Modelling for Allegheny
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Dr Kay Vopel
Marine Science
Production & decomposition of organic matter in marine sediment
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Professor Mark Orams
Sport & Recreation
Sport and exercise science for high performance sport
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Professor Jane Gilbert
Ministry of Education research projects
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Associate Professor Lindsey White
Marine Ecology
Enhance the sustainability of NZ Fisheries & geoduck
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Professor Denise Taylor
Neurological rehabilitation
Improving the health of large populations of people
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Dr Howard Youngs
Educational leadership
The importance of leadership practice in education
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Professor Denise Wilson
Māori Health
Ministry of Health’s violence intervention plan
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Dr Lisa Mackay
Community & workplace wellbeing
Neighbourhoods for Active Kids
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Profesor Gail Pacheco
Exploring wage variability
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