IP Policy

We’re looking to create value for our inventors and the University.

AUT Ventures is responsible for the capture, evaluation and commercial development of AUT's intellectual property (IP) portfolio.

Intellectual property is wide-ranging and includes intangible and tangible creations of the human intellect. This includes copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, publicity rights, design rights moral rights, Artistic works like music and literature, as well as some discoveries, inventions, words, phrases, symbols, and designs.

Choosing the right type(s) of protection for your idea is an important strategic choice. We help you establish an IP strategy tailored to your idea/research to help you maximize its commercial value while safeguarding your academic freedom and integrity.

What does AUT do with the IP?

AUT has a strategy, and a public requirement, to commercialise the IP created within the University, create revenue for the benefit of NZ,  the University, and for those academics and students that helped create the IP.

Who owns the IP at AUT?

The University owns the IP in the following instances:

1.   If you receive a salary, wages, stipend from the University and the IP is created while conducting your university duties for which you are employed.

2.   Any IP that is created while an individual is making use of university resources. This will apply when somebody is using a laboratory or bench or instrumentation. This does not include the use of the library or computer network. So student theses/dissertations belong to the author.

3.   IP that involves legal or contractual restrictions on IP ownership. This can apply when a company has contracted the University for a research project.

Note that this policy applies to all students both undergraduate and graduate.

Outside of the above, the academic or student owns the intellectual property in what they have created.

The full AUT IP Policy is available here.

What happens if I have created intellectual property, which belongs to the University?

Firstly you need to disclose the invention to the University through AUT Ventures. We will then go through a process of evaluation with you to determine if you wish to commercialise your idea/invention. IP protection does not mean that the associated research cannot be published.